White Vein Horned Kratom Powder




  • Has high stimulating potential
  • Boosts focus and energy
  • Combats lethargy and fatigue
  • Uplifts mood and promotes the feeling of bliss


White Horn is often referred to as White Maeng Da by other users and suppliers but these two have a slight difference which is enough to distinguish them as two separate strains. The horned tip of its leaves has earned this strain its name and just like its Horn Kratom cousins, it also is known for providing the effects of stimulation and euphoria.

Its Popular Effects

Users of this Kratom strain observe its predominant stimulating effect. It’s also been known to bring moderate levels of euphoria quickly when compared to other strains. It is loved because of its fast-acting effects especially the one that improves energy and mood. You can also use this strain if you need a boost of mind power and focus.

So where exactly does our Kratom products originate? Yes! You got it right! Kratom is abundant in different Southeast Asian countries. However, it is important to choose the ones that come from verified suppliers like us. With all the Kratom products out there, choosing the one that really delivers results is important.

Get Pure and Potent Kratom Here!

Our Kratom products are sourced directly from long-time producers in Southeast Asia. And in order to make sure that they are pure and potent, our suppliers only employ highly-experienced harvesters who know which leaf to pick and what time of the day they should be harvested to ensure maximum Alkaloid content.

After the harvest process, the leaves are washed and dried before they are ground to the right sugary consistency. Once we get the Kratom powder, they are tested in the lab to make sure that no fillers and impurities are mixed with it. These processes ensure a highly-potent product which is guaranteed to produce the expected result every time!

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