White Vein Bali Kratom Powder




  • Unique onset that starts from being energetic down to being sedating
  • Less likely to cause anxiety and restlessness
  • Boosts focus and promote clarity of mind
  • Easily mixes with any beverage or food


Hailing all the way from Indonesia, White Bali has inherited most of the properties that the green and red strains have. Yes! It has a smooth sedating and energetic effect which is great for those who are experiencing lazy mornings most of the time.

You Need It If…

White Bali Kratom is a great energy-boosting strain which has been found to be very helpful in improving clarity and focus. It increases productivity while making sure that you’re feeling relaxed and blissful all the time. Some users use it as an evening strain but it can also serve as a morning strain especially if you often wake up to a lazy day. These are unique properties which the other White strains lack as most only have properties that are leaning towards stimulation.

However, it is important to note that these effects may vary from person to person. It may feel energy-boosting onĀ others but not on you. The information we gathered from users also suggests that White Bali is as energizing as its cousin White strains but the energy-boosting effects that it has may not last as long as the others.

The Onset and Duration of Effects

Currently, we don’t have conclusive information on how long it takes before its known effects start to show up and how long it lasts but some users say that it’s on the average level. Information on whether its more nauseating than other Kratom strains is also not final. More tests need to be performed before we can give the estimated figures and we’ll update the information on this page once we get the data.

Pure Kratom Is The Best!

When choosing a Kratom product to use, it is important that you choose to get it only from verified suppliers like us. Our Kratom powders and capsules are made of pure Kratom that passes through a series of stringent tests to ensure that it is free from fillers and impurities.

For Kratom to be effective, it needs to be harvested when it’s the right age and at the right time. The leaves then need to be washed and dried before being powdered into the right sugary form which ensures that the Alkaloids stay potent. That’s precisely what our Southeast Asian suppliers do to the Kratom leaves before they ship it to us. We then test it further to ensure that only the purest and most effective Kratom reaches every one of our loyal customers.


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