White Maeng Da Kratom Powder




  • Has high potential of bringing a boost in energy and euphoria
  • Found to bring longer lasting effects
  • Enhances focus and energy without causing overstimulation and restlessness
  • Powder form with sugary consistency that easily mixes with food or beverage


White Kratom strains are known to possess energy-boosting properties but White Maeng Da has this mixed with some euphoric effects making it great for uplifting the mood. Maeng Da is often confused with White Horn Kratom but these two are different strains and has unique individual properties from the other Kratom varieties.

What Users Say About It

Most users praise White Maeng Da’s ability to boost one’s mood without overwhelming the whole system. Its onset is found to be smooth and moderate which is non-invasive most of the time. Others even report a slow onset when compared to the other Kratom strains that they have tried. A majority has also reported that White Maeng Da is capable of relieving anxiety while improving focus and productivity at the same time.

White Mang Da’s Less Dominant Properties

Unlike the other White strain kratoms, White Maeng Da is weak when it comes to sedating and relieving pain. Most of its effects area leaning toward stimulation and mood enhancement which makes it a good morning strain for those who prefer a slow onset. But even with the slow onset of its effects, the duration is quite good as it is mostly on the average level.

The effects of this strain are reported to last around 3 to 5 hours when a moderate dose of 2.5 to 5 grams is taken. You need to be careful in taking large dose though because it has also been noted to cause adverse effects to users who have a sensitive stomach.


Additional information

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