Red Vein Horned Kratom Powder




  • Offers a unique blend of sedating and stimulating effects
  • Has the potential to elevate mood
  • Adequately pain-relieving
  • Sugary powder consistency easily mixes with food/beverage


Horned Kratoms are named after their spiky-edged leaves which is unique among all the other Kratom strains. It is often confused with another Kratom strain called Red Maeng Da but these two are unique from each other and with one having its own set of properties than the other.

What Users Love About It

Red and Horn may sound like devilish or something that tastes spicy but Red Horn Kratom doesn’t belong to any of those categories. It instead has some properties that are going to help you in case you need some sedating effect that is delivered in a soft way.

Some users report that its sedative property is on a moderate level which is very relaxing which also reduces mental stress. But Kratom effect may vary from person to person and in the case of Red Horn Kratom, there are users who experience a slight stimulating and energizing effect especially on moderate doses. These effects are caused by Red Horn Kratom’s euphoric property that is responsible for elevating the mood.

The Less Dominant Properties

Unlike the other Red Strain Kratom Varieties, Red Horn only has a mild analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. The duration of its effects has also been observed to be above average when a moderate dosage amount of 2.5 to 5 grams is taken. This Kratom variety is found to be nauseating at doses of 5 grams and above which is considered a high dosage. Be sure to be cautious in assessing your self before taking in or using a certain dosage of this Kratom strain.

Get Pure Kratom From Kratom 360!

When choosing a Kratom Product to use, it is important that you get only the ones that come from verified suppliers and those who supply real and high-quality Kratom! Here in Kratom 360, we ensure that our Kratom powders and capsules are free from impurities and fillers by getting them directly from trusted suppliers in Southeast Asia.

The leaves used in every one of our product are harvested by experienced members of Southeast Asian tribes who know Kratom by heart. The secret to a potent and highly-effective Kratom is on the processing of the leaves itself. Every single leaf needs to be harvested when they are the right age and harvesting should be done at the right time of the day.

After the leaves are harvested, they are washed then dried before going through another post-harvest process which will turn the leaves into Kratom powder that has a sugary consistency. It is then packed and shipped to us then our dedicated workers test it for any impurities and damage. Once it passes our quality inspection, it is then approved ready to be sold to one of our loyal customers which includes you!


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