Red Vein Bali Kratom Powder




  • Provides significant relief to physical pain
  • Has a high potential of being a relaxing strain
  • Moderate level of mood uplifting effect
  • Powder form to easily mix with food or beverage


Red Bali Kratom is unique among the other red Kratom varieties because of its dual origin. Yes! It’s a blend of Borneo and Sumatra strains and is popular among users due to its potency especially in the analgesic side of things. It is also the only Bali strain that has a potent pain-relieving effect!

What Users Say

Majority of Red Bali Kratom users report that the strain is primarily pain-relieving with a mixture of sedating effect. And if you need something that can give you a relaxing effect at a slow pace then this strain is perfect! It does that while also offering sedating and mood-enhancing properties. While its effects take hold and go through towards the end, some users reported that its sedative effects become stronger which makes it a perfect evening (pre-bedtime) strain.

When taken at higher doses (around 5 grams and above), Red Bali Kratom is observed to be more calming. And just like the other Red Strains, it does not have any trace of stimulating property.

How Long Do The Effects Stay

Talking about the duration of its effects, Red Bali Kratom is on the average level. When a moderate dosage of 3 to 5 grams is taken, the effects can last from 3-4 hours while a higher dosage can last 5 hours and above. Currently, there is not enough evidence that Red Bali Strain is more or less nauseating than other Kratom varieties.

Get Top-Quality Kratom From Us!

Pure Kratom powder is potent and effective. If you want to get the most out of the Kratom you’re taking then be sure to get pure Kratom! Our Kratom products are sourced only from verified suppliers in Southeast Asia. To ensure quality and purity, our suppliers only employ highly-experienced Kratom leaf pickers from indigenous tribes in the area.

For Kratom to be potent, it must be picked at the right time of the day and the leaves must be the right age. The harvested leaves are then washed and dried naturally before it is ground to a sugary consistency. It is then packed airtight and shipped immediately to preserve its alkaloid content. Our Kratom powders and capsules are tested for any impurities and fillersto ensure that you’re getting the best quality that you deserve!


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