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Red Thai is known for its energy-boosting effect which tends to last long compared to other red strain Kratom varieties. Although it’s illegal to grown Kratom in its country of origin, Thai Kratom still exists in other Southeast Asian countries where planting and maintaining the plant is still allowed. Most users report that the Red Thai indeed has lasting energizing properties but the effects can still vary from person to person and the amount of dosage taken.

Red Thai’s Dominant Properties

If you’re looking for a Kratom strain that has a balance of moderate sedation and euphoric properties then Red Thai is the one that you need. It is capable of enhancing your mood while promoting the feeling of contentment and even relaxes you at the same time.

It’s also been reported to combat the signs and effects of depression and anxiety while there are a few who say that the strain gave them more energy while still giving sedating effects at a moderate level. It’s got almost all of the properties that every Kratom strain possesses which makes it special among the rest. Additionally, this strain is also known to have an analgesic effect even at small┬ámoderate doses.

How Long Do The Effects Stay

Red Thai’s duration is seen to be above average with effects staying for up to 5 hours at a moderate dosage of 2.5 to 5 grams. Larger dosage can make the effect stay long but one needs to practice caution before increasing dosage to avoid any adverse effects. Currently, there is not enough evidence to show that Red Thai can cause nausea more or less than other strains.

Get Pure Kratom To Achieve Pure Effects

Don’t waste money buying Kratom that doesn’t give the effects that it is supposed to deliver. Get only those that are proven to be pure and free from fillers which can affect its potency. Our Kratom products are all sourced from verified suppliers in Southeast Asia and they go through a series of processes to ensure its purity.

Yes! The leaves themselves are harvested when they are mature enough and harvesting is done at the right time of the day to make sure that its potency isn’t lost. Each leaf is picked by experienced workers who know Kratoms by heart and most of them are members of indigenous tribes living in the Southeast Asian region.

After the leaves are harvested, they are washed and then dried at the right temperature before it is subjected to grinding until it turns to the right sugary consistency. The resulting powder is then packed and shipped to us where we subject them to a series of tests to ensure that it is free from fillers and impurities that can affect its potency and efficacy. The result is a Kratom powder or capsule that is ready to deliver results every time!

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