Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder




  • Brings a balanced palette of effects
  • Shows less fatiguing properties compared to other Red strain Kratom varieties
  • Has a potentially long duration of effects
  • Sugary powder consistency mixes easily with food or beverage


The Red Maeng Da Kratom strain is sometimes called Red Horn but these two are unique in many different ways. “Maeng Da” is a Thai word that roughly translates to “pimp grade” because of the potential effect that this Kratom variety possesses. This strain isn’t that popular because of its anomalous properties and effects. And as you will see later on, it is unlike the other Red Strain Kratom varieties.

The Properties It Is Known For

Red Maeng Da is generally known for its balanced sedating and stimulating properties. It also combines euphoria and analgesic properties together making it good for those who are experiencing anxiety and slight depression. It has also been found to have an energizing effect when taken at lower doses. And as its effects reach the peak then start to fade, the sedating and relaxing properties may start to surface bringing a feeling of tranquility to the user.

Moreover, the effects that it carries are observed to be long-lived with duration ranging from 4 to 5 hours even on a moderate dosage of 2.5 to 5 grams. However, there are some users who find Red Maeng Da to be very potent with others who experience nausea when a moderate to high dosage is taken. Discretion is advised before taking a certain dosage of this strain to avoid adverse effects.

Get Authentic Kratom For Real Effects

With all the Kratom products out there, you need to choose the one which packs pureness and potency in one! That’s precisely what we have! Our Kratom powders and capsules are sourced only from verified suppliers that are stationed in Southeast Asian countries. Every leaf that’s made into Kratom 360 products is harvested by highly-experienced members of indigenous tribes in Southeast Asia.

For Kratom leaf to be potent and effective, it needs to be harvested when its the right age and at the right time of the day. After it is harvested, it is dried and ground to the right sugary consistency to ensure proper Alkaloid levels which directly affects its potency and efficacy.

The resulting Kratom powder is then shipped to us where we test it for any fillers and impurities before we approve it for release to our valued customers like you. Pure Kratom gives off real effects and you’ll find it here in our shop!

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