Green Thai Kratom Powder




  • Sugary consistency easily mixes with any food/beverage
  • Boosts energy, mood, and focus
  • Effective pain-relieving (analgesic) properties
  • Long-lasting effects compared to other Green strain Kratom varieties


It is no longer legal to grow Green Thai in its country of origin (Thailand) but there are other Southeast Asian countries which still produce this variety legally. This strain is popularly known for its long-lasting effects which include energy boosting, stimulating and even mood improving.

You Need It If…

You will need the Green Malay Kratom strain if you’re feeling weak and lazy in the morning. It’s got a moderately stimulating effect which is made even better with the euphoric effects that it has. Some users use it as a morning strain because of these dominant properties that it has. However, it is important to remember that it also has a negative effect when taken at higher doses.

For instance, it is observed to produce sedating effects at doses of more than 5 grams. This means that its ability to stimulate decreases as a higher dose of it is taken. These effects may vary from person to person so your experience may be different from what is described here.

Moreover, the analgesic properties of this strain is also observed to be on the average level when compared to other green strain varieties. The duration of its effects is above average with users reporting that it lasts for 3 to 5 hours.

Get Pure Kratom From Us!

When buying Green Kratom, it is important to get it from verified suppliers. For Kratom to be safe and effective, it needs to be made from real and pure leaves. Our Kratom powders and capsules are taken directly from suppliers in Southeast Asia. It’s also tested to be free from fillers and impurities that can potentially make Kratom less effective.┬áIt is important to choose Kratom product that is pure and potent to ensure that it’s able to produce the effects that it has to offer.

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