Green Malay Kratom Powder




  • Highly euphoric when compared to other Green strain Kratom varieties
  • Provides clarity of mind and boosts focus without being too stimulating.
  • Aids in reducing feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Powder form which easily mixes with any food/beverage


Hailing all the way from the lush green forests and plantations of Malaysia, the Green Malay Kratom is as popular as its cousin strains. And when the effects and properties are considered, Green Malay has a distinctive profile that comes close to white strain varieties than the green ones. But is this the Kratom strain for you? If you’re looking to boost your mood then it can be perfect and if you want to discover more about it, here are some facts that we’ve gathered.

The Dominant Effects That It Has

Green Malay Kratom is known to be strongly stimulating and has a euphoric profile which is unique for the strain to which it belongs. It has also been described as being capable to boost the mood and even improve attentiveness at certain doses. If you have the tendency to feel depressed or anxiety hits you hard at times then Green Malay can be a good help.

But aside from the above-mentioned effects, there are users who also report that its stimulative effects proved to be more dominant on them the others and they prefer it than other strains because it produces just the right level of this effect.

The Less Effective Properties of Green Malay

Every strain is unique from all the rest especially in terms of the less dominant effects that it has. In the case of Green Malay Kratom, it has been observed that it lacks the sedating properties which other Green strains have. The analgesic or pain relieving properties is also on the average so it’s not the best Kratom of choice if you feel pain on the different parts of your body which you want to get treated naturally. Also, its nauseating effects have not been tested to be more or less compared to other strains.

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