White Thai Kratom Capsules


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  • Reported to have mild energetic and euphoric effects
  • Less overpowering when compared with other white strains
  • Easy to swallow and fast dissolving capsule for quick onset of effects


Introducing your favorite White Thai Kratom strain now made into small and easy-to-swallow capsules! Yes! You can now enjoy White Thai’s mild energy-boosting and euphoric effects quickly with its easy to absorb capsules. Though no longer allowed to be grown legally in Thailand, this kratom strain is still legal in other Southeast Asian countries where most of our suppliers are located.

What Properties Is It Known For

On small and moderate dosage, White Thai has been reported by other users to have little to no effects. However, these accounts are hard to verify whether the information given is accurate or not. And it is also hard to obtain explanation on the reactions given and what kind of effects were they really experiencing when they took White Kratom. However, there is a general consensus that this strain is capable of giving mild euphoric and energetic effects.

What To Remember Before Taking White Thai Capsules

Before taking any dose of White Thai capsule, it is important to know that this strain has little to no analgesic and sedative effects at all. And you need to ask for a doctor’s advice on whether or not Kratom products of any form is safe for you to take. The duration of White Kratom’s effects seems to stay on the average level when taken at a moderate dosage (2.5 to 5 grams).



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