Red Vein Borneo Kratom Capsules


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  • Alleviates pain and tension
  • Boosts mood, brings euphoria and relaxes the user
  • Brings less fatigue even at higher doses




Red Borneo is believed to have originated from the lush green forests of the island country of Borneo. It is popular for its analgesic effects that don’t produce sedation or fatigue. And now, it is made into easy to consume capsules for faster effects and better performance.

The Popular Effects of Red Borneo

Kratom’s effects may differ from person to person. However, a majority of users report that Red Borneo has strong analgesic properties which balance well with its mild sedating and euphoric properties. When taken in moderate doses, Red Borneo capsules are known to give mild sedation which is unusual among red strain Kratom varieties. If it’s pain relief that you’re looking for then Red Borneo will be perfect. It’s also capable of maintaining your energy making it great as a daytime strain.

How Long Do Its Effects Stay

Red Borneo Capsule’s effects seem to be on the moderate level. There are users who report that it’s long lasting while others say that it’s short-lived. On average, it is observed that its duration is moderate to long depending on the user and the dosage that has been taken. The poor stimulation of Red Borneo Kratom is common among red strain Kratom varieties. If you’re looking for a Kratom capsule that is capable of alleviating pain then Red Borneo is the one that you need!


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