Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules


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  • Provides a broad balance of effects
  • Brings long duration of effects
  • Less fatiguing than other similar Red Strain Kratoms


Red Maeng Da is sometimes called Red Horn by other suppliers but these two are different. It is given a Thai name which translates “pimp-grade” due to the potential effects that it has but there are users who find it anomalous. It somewhat exceeds the preconceived idea of what red strains can deliver in terms of its effects and the same is to be expected in its smaller capsule form.

You’ll Need Red Maeng Da Capsules If…

Red Maeng Da seems to have a balance of sedation and stimulation. It also has the potential to deliver euphoria and analgesic properties but it all depends on the dosage taken and the person who’s taking it. When small dosage capsules are taken, it is able to deliver some energy-boosting effects, especially at the onset. However, once the effects reach the peak and then start to fade, it has the ability to provide relaxing and sedating effects that lead to feelings of tranquility.

How Long Do Effects Last

Several of its users report that Red Maeng Da’s effects are long-lasting with an average of 4 to 5 hours and longer even with just a moderate dose of 2.5 to 5 grams. Others have also found that the strain is too potent for them with nausea starting to manifest even at moderate doses (and even more at higher doses). It is recommended that you practice discretion when taking Red Maeng Da capsules or ask the help of your doctor so that you’ll know whether or not Red Maeng Da is good for you.


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