Green Thai Kratom Capsules


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  • Increases energy, mood and focus
  • Effectively provides pain-relieving properties
  • Longer-lasting effects when compared to other green strain Kratom varieties


Although it is no longer allowed to grow Thai Kratom in Thailand, this strain is still being planted in different countries of Southeast Asia. It is popular due to its energizing effects which can last longer than other Kratom varieties and now that it has a capsule variant, you’re sure to get all the benefits that it is able to provide even more quickly.

Its Popular Properties

Green Thai powder is mostly known for having a balance of stimulating and euphoric properties. And it should not be different when you take the capsule form. It can improve mood while giving you an elevated focus and energy to last a whole busy work day. However, there are users who reportedly experienced sedating effects after taking a higher dose of this Kratom variety. It’s safe to say that the stimulative effects that it has gradually decreased at higher doses.


The Duration and Less Dominant Effects

The effects of Green Thai has been observed to last at a duration that is on the average level. This means that its effects can stay for around 3-4 hours at a moderate dosage. It has not been proved yet if it is more nauseating than other Kratom strains but there are no significant number of user feedback that tells about this adverse effect. The strain also has an analgesic (pain-relieving) effect which is on the moderate level but it is potentially higher than other Green strain Kratom varieties.


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