Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules


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  • Known to boost energy which provides increased mental clarity and focus
  • Capable of stimulating moods of happiness and well-being
  • Relatively fast onset compared to other Green strain Kratoms (~30 minutes)


The Kratom Strain that’s renowned for its potency and stimulating effects now has its own capsule form. Yes! You can now get premium Kratom effects that are popular among users of all ages in an easy-to-swallow capsule. This helps in the quick release of its effects which is mostly inclined to the energy-enhancing side.

What Users Say About Green Maeng Da Capsules

Majority of those who are using Green Maeng Da is impressed by its euphoric and stimulating properties. And not just that, because of its capsule form, the onset of its effects which used to be the fastest among the other green strains is now made even faster! This means that it can offer invigoration and boost in focus and energy a few minutes to an hour after it is taken.

How Long Do Its Effects Stay

The duration of Green Maeng Da Capsule’s effects is observed to be long. Most users report that the effects last for 4 hours or even more when a moderate dosage of 2.5 to 5 grams is taken. The effects and as well as its duration may vary from person to person. But just like all the other Kratom strains, Green Maeng Da also has some weak points.

For instance, it seems to provide less sedation and pain-relieving (analgesic effects). It’s also not clear if it causes more nausea or not when compared to other Kratom strains. Those who have a sensitive stomach may also experience adverse effects so it is best to consult a doctor first and ask for advice before deciding to take Green Maeng Da Capsules!


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